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Why should we celebrate Nag Panchami? Date in 2023 & its importance

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Nag Panchami is celebrated during the Sravan month. Shravan month is one of the most auspicious months in the Hindu Vedic calendar. This whole Sawan or Shravan maas devotees worship Lord Shiva and there are many festivals associated with Lord Shiva that are being celebrated with great enthusiasm. One such festival is Nag Panchami.

When is Nag Panchami-

Nag Panchami falls every year on the Shukla Paksha Panchami tithi of the Shravan month i.e., on the fifth day of the lunar month of Shravan.

Nag Panchami Date in Year 2023
Monday, 21st August

Why do we celebrate Nag Panchami?

Nag Panchami is an important festival celebrated by the Hindu community across India. It is celebrated to honor Lord Vishnu’s incarnation, Lord Nagaraja. It is believed that on this day, devotees are blessed with health, long life, and prosperity. The festival is also used to pay respect to the serpent Gods who are believed to guard the earth and its inhabitants. Below is the key significance of Nag Panchami-

  1. On this day, people make offerings of milk and prayers to the serpent Gods, asking for their protection and guidance.
  2. It is also believed that worshipping the snakes will bring good luck in all aspects of life. According to the Garuda Purana also, worshiping snakes on this day brings prosperity and good fate.
  3. Nag Panchami is also seen as a day of blessing for newlyweds and families.
  4. The celebration of this festival strengthens family ties and brings prosperity to the family.
  5. The festival is also seen as a way of expressing gratitude towards the snake gods for protecting us from harm and evil.