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Why do we Suffer in Life? Karmic Cycle and its Impact on You!

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What is the Karmic Cycle & Sufferings?

Many cultures and religious traditions have considered the philosophical and existential
question of why suffering exists throughout history. One of these ideas is the concept of karma and the karmic cycle, which is particularly stressed in many Eastern religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Different perspectives provide different explanations for this idea.

Let’s understand the Philosophy Of Karma and Karmic Cycle

Repetitions and duplication of situations through our emotions, actions, and conditions which we have chosen in between our lives ever lived either Pleasant or Painful.

Karmic Relationships- Fight in between couple
Karmic Relationships- You will always find a person according to your karmic actions, whatever you have done in your past life or this life will again be part of your future until you learn your lesson of life

The philosophy of karma is deeply rooted in Indian culture and civilization as it is explained by lord Krishna, Gautam Buddha in a later period, and the modern period M.K. Gandhi also illustrated the importance of Karma Nishkam and Karma Yogi in his book; My Experiment with Truth
Lord Krishna has very explicitly explained to Arjun in

Shreemad Bhagwat GeetaKarmanye vadhikaraste ma Phalesu kadachana
कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन ।
which means every person ought to perform their Obligation in a very disciplined manner without having a single thought about the result. As man doesn’t know what his Karmic cycle is going to bring forward. As man has only right over his duty, not the result.

In this philosophy, lord Krishna has illustrated that man always gets what he deserves, as it is the law of Karma, man can act only results based on the resultant factor of our Karmic cycle. The Karmic cycle always binds us toward our Karmic fate, this is what Shree Krishna has told to Arjun in Kurukshetra no one is your own, de-attach yourself from the Karmic cycle and perform your duty.

According to Gautam Buddha, karma is our thoughts temperament, and taste, what we give same shall we receive from another side. We should never do anything excessively no sorrow no happiness that is the Middle path. The mental path of Buddha gives a direction to live a life that is not too exciting nor too depressing. Just following the middle path will bring karmic resolution which will be beneficial for mankind.

To follow the middle path Buddha has also given 8 fold path Right View, Right Resolve, Right, Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration.

Gautam Buddha
Buddha has also given 8 fold path Right View, Right Resolve, Right, Speech, Right Action… Image Credits: Pexels

To him, 8 fold paths is the solution to many problems but mainly for getting Nirvana.

Nirvana is considered an important point of satisfaction in Buddhism by following the 8 fold path, middle path, and nirvana; a person is automatically on a middle path which leads to a karmic resolution.

Why Do We Suffer In Life? Your Karmic Baggage

To gain our karmic fruits, the person with whom we have ever met there must be some Karmic connection, that Karmic connection may be very accidental but there is always a strong force of the attraction may be positive or negative, friendship family, relations, spiritual guru, breakups and so on all are resultant of our Karmic actions.

Karmic Relationship- You will always find a person according to your karmic actions, whatever you have done in your past life or this life, will again be part of your future until you learn your lesson of life.

We can break our karmic fate and action in many ways by following spiritual and mental workouts with the guidance of a positive person who will guide how to reuse and reconstruct and leave all the negative karmic actions. In the heavenly colors of life, we all are connected by threads of karma.

How to Lessen the IMPACT of KARMIC CYCLE?

1. Forgiveness-

First of all, we have to forgive ourselves first by which we will release all negative energy that is pulling us earlier negatively will lead us to positivity and spiritual growth.

A person in a meditative state or peaceful with closed eyes
Forgive yourself first to remove sadness from your heart. This will lead to positivity and spiritual growth.

2. Breaking Karmic Action

In the process of breaking the Karmic action we have to remove all the anger, frustration, depression, and fear by which positive energy will run throughout the veins.

3. Be a good reader

Being a good reader will lead you towards good thoughts, words, and positive vibes, and will help to increase your basic knowledge.

A personal reading book or learning from a book
Image Credits: Pexels

4. Yoga

Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga are two types of Yoga that any person can implement to achieve the resolution of the Karmic cycle. The suffering of life may be a reason for expectations that we have from our family, friend, near and dear ones, life, career, and so on. This is also a universal truth that everyone must suffer at any stage of life for a cause or to accomplish something.

5. Most important – living in the present and Acceptance!

Living in the present and forgetting your past leads you to a future you have never imagined. To break free from the karmic cycle, we have to pick either suffering or resolving Karma. Suffering may be positive or negative but resolving it always moves life towards a better place. In pursuing the solution of Karmic actions self-nutrition is mandatory by which any person can remove his shortcomings.

A happy Person who is Free from Sadness
To break free from the karmic cycle, living in your present and Acceptance is the Key!


Karmic action leads life to what common people call fate but after having a spiritual temperament it has become facile to accomplish it. Thus, it is rightly said in our religious texts, ancestral values, and experiences that man is so much powerful that he can change all the negatives into positivity by just implementing willpower.

Karmic actions may lead us towards our past deeds, but willpower and karmic resolving can uplift man to a level beyond imagination. This endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth known as karma provides an understanding of the nature of suffering and how it is related to past deeds.

Find out how suffering, karma, and the quest for liberation or enlightenment are intertwined. While karma explains why suffering exists, it also has the potential to lead to persona transformation.

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