Remove obstacles this Nag Panchami

Step 1. Start by cleaning the Puja room and the altar with Gangajal

Step 2. Spread a fresh cloth on a wooden chowki or on a wooden platform

Step 3. Sprinkle milk and water on the idol or image of Nag (serpent deity) 

Step 4. Apply Akshat (unbroken rice) & Kumkum (vermilion)

Step 5. Now apply Haldi Chandan (turmeric and sandalwood)

Step 6.  Offer flowers, Naivedhya (food), lamp aDiya and dhoop (incense sticks) to the deity

Step 7.  Seek forgiveness: Ask for Kshama Yachana for any mistakes made during the puja

Kshama Prathna. In case you wish to listen to the forgiveness prayer, click the play button

Step 8. Conclude the puja by bowing before the deity and seeking His blessings